Aeris was one of Brooklyn's puppies and her new mom wrote us the following letter: Despite living in Virginia for almost 8 years it had yet to feel much like home. I have my BTRVA peeps plus numerous others to call my friends but no one who lived close enough to spend day to day time with. Honestly, I went to home to KY often because something was missing here.


Thanks to the BTRVA and Aeris, Virginia is finally the home I've wanted it to be for so long. Aeris helped me to be more social and to make friends. I've got people in my life now that I exchange birthdays and holidays with. I've got someone to invite to movies and text silly jokes. It all sounds trivial, really, but it was missing from my life and I craved it.


So thank you for bringing this silly, loveable, crazy pirate in to my life. She's been what I needed all along. I just wanted you to know you make a difference. My life is better because of you. - Courtney

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