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Bubba Gump was rescued from a very rural, high kill shelter in Georgia. He was full of fleas and flea dermatitis when he came into rescue. When Bubba was pulled the shelter had no ability to give him a single inoculation or run a simple heartworm test. He traveled the furthest to his forever home. BTRVA, along with another East Coast Bull Terrier Rescue, to ensure Bubba got his own happy tail!


From Bubba's dad, "We live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and saw Bubba on Facebook. It is my understanding that there were a few people that were instrumental in getting Bubba to his foster home, and they deserve as many accolades as possible. Bubba is a treasure to us and they deserve all of the credit. Bubba arrived at our house in early November, 2010 and we spent the first two months acclimating him to our environment (Wyoming weather is severe at times) and his new pal Maggie (our other rescue Bull Terrier). He now spends virtually 24 hours a day with us because we travel with him and Maggie and they both come to the office with us on a daily basis. He is a wonderful dog and we love him very much!"

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