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This is Cinder, and this little human is Emma, one of Cinder's big sisters. Emma tells a story that goes something like this: "Cinder has a real 'Cinder-ella' story. When she was out side in the snow, it was like the time she was sad and not treated right by her step-mother, then her fairy 'dog-mother' came along, the people at BTRVA. Cinder was turned into a princess by the rescue, and when my family came along, we were like her Prince Charming."


Cinder now lives happily-ever-after with her family in Virginia and Emma tells us that Cinder's favorite movie is Back To The Future II, which, coincidentally, is Emma's favorite movie also! Congratulations, Cinder! You've come a long way from being forced to live outside, used for breeding, and not always knowning when your next meal might arrive. BTRVA is proud to have helped write your happy ending. :)


Cinder has her very own Facebook page if you would like to follow her journey of love:

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