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Colby is a miniature Bull Terrier who was surrendered to an animal shelter in West Virginia, her previous owners kenneled her to the point of neglect and abuse. She was emaciated and frozen with fear when she came into rescue. Colby went to wonderful family who tells us, "She has brought so much love and silliness to our lives. She now runs laps in the house and uses the dining room walls as her back board.


Her zest for life and full-speed-go attitude make each day brighter! My favorite moments are her love of mud puddles and hills! Not a walk goes by that she doesn’t roll down hills to get to favorite mushy area or mud puddle. She likes to be sung to and will yodel along to any song you sing! My favorite part of her is how her whole body wiggles and she is so happy when you come home! Nothing better then a Bullie kiss and hug! She has found a love of soft toy sand her favorite thing to do is destroy them and throw the filling around the house -- looked like snow in the family room one day and she had a white fluffy beard!


If you adopt a Bullie make sure you have the time and availability they need. They want and need to be an important member of the family. They have a lot of love to give and deserve the same from us! The only thing I wish I knew but it wouldn’t change anything are her allergies and sensitive skin. However everyone at the Vet’s love her and dote on her like she is the Belle of the Ball. When she walks in, puppies get ignored because everyone lavishes the attention on her! My Colby is a 4 year old Brindle, who thankfully was rescued. She is a kooky, sweet, sweet loving bullie who loves car rides, any and all kinds of food, her plush double bagel bed, but not baths so much. She would tell you that she loves anything dirty, stinky and muddy to roll in. The stinkier it is the more fun it is!"

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