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On 10/3/13 WHS was notified about a severely injured dog that had just been fought and was lying in the grass in front of 602 46th Place SE. Humane Law Enforcement Officers arrived on scene and found McFly, alive, but in critical condition in the woods behind the area. He had bite wounds over his entire body, and 3 wounds on his neck consistent with an attempt to slit his throat.


WHS tried to save 3 other animals the same week who also fell victim to these cruetly acts, which they suspect are linked to the one that befell McFly. BTRVA is happy to share with you that as of January, 2014, McFly is healed, happy and heathy and starting his new year in his wonderful new forever home. BTRVA remains moved by the tremendous outpouring of support and love from our community over McFly's story and holds in the highest esteem all those kind souls who considered opening their hearts and homes to this sweet dog. Thank you!

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