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Radar was a stray in Brooklyn, NY who was scheduled to be euthanized due to a perianal hernia that was beyond what the shelter was prepared to offer him in terms of medical care. Radar lived his life quire miserably for who knows how long before he came into rescue.


His muscles in his legs were weak and did not help his hernia situation. He was caked in his own filth and had to have most of his fur shaved from his backside. His skin was broken out, he was badly in need of a dental and had clearly not had enough to eat for a long time. Fortunately, through the help of a fellow rescue and volunteer network, we were able to get Radar to safey and provide him with the hernia repair surgery, dental and neuter that he needed, and his foster family fattened him up!


Radar is now in his forever home with his wonderful new mom dad and his fur-sister Ella, a St. Bernard, and fur-brother Tumblr, a Bernese Mountain Dog. They could not be a happier trio and a more complete family together! Radar uses the boots you see in his picture to allow him traction to strengthen those legs. We think he looks dashing!

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